Flapjack Breakfast

On September 20th, QHSS Key Club and I went to Applebee’s to volunteer at a flapjack breakfast held by our wonderful sponsoring Kiwanis, Robert and Veronica Witherspoon. When the first table arrived, I felt incredibly nervous about messing up or making a fool of myself because of the awkward silence and my lack of experience, but after a while, I felt more and more comfortable with everyone and the atmosphere of the restaurant changed with all the chatter and laughter. At first, asking everyone what they wanted to drink was awkward since we did not know the proper etiquette to do so. We also didn’t know when to collect the tickets to place the order, but with some trial and error, it got easier. Most everyone was satisfied with the pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage links- especially us- and the raffle was definitely a great ending to the delightful fundraiser with everyone frantically checking their tickets to see if they had won something. Overall, the Applebee’s event was a great event that I would encourage more people to attend!

Kim Dao
Queens High School for the Sciences Division 8

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