St. Jude’s Walk

Brooklyn Tech Key Clubbers participated in St. Jude’s Give Thanks Walk, and despite the cold weather, over 30 members still showed up to walk! Members showed a lot of spirit when walking through constantly shaking the green/white pompoms we were given and interacted well together by sticking together as a group for the walk! The walk took place at Cadman Plaza Park, then across the Brooklyn Bridge, and back. Although my toes and legs went numb very quickly even before the walk began, I still felt a great vibe from the members and volunteers at the walk, who cheered us on as we continued walking. I participated in many walks in the past, but have never participated in a St. Jude’s walk, which I now think is important to do because St. Jude’s is one of New York District Key Club’s District Projects. I hope I will be able to participate in future walks/events for St. Jude’s, even after I graduate from high school!

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