Gowanus Canal Conservancy Composting

In November, Key Clubbers volunteered for the Gowanus Canal Conservancy in a composting event. Compost is decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer, consisting of brown organic materials (wood chips) and green organic materials (food scraps). A total of 9,000 lbs of food scraps were incorporated into the November compost windrow. When putting compost together, it is important to keep a 25-30:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio. This fact fascinated me because I never really understood what carbon and nitrogen were in terms of materials that contribute to the environment. Despite the cold weather, Key Clubbers had a blast putting together 9 layers for the compost. It was fun to break apart the bigger food scraps! Members interacted well together by helping each other lift heavier crates and by working together to keep the compost in the correct formation. We had a lot of fun participating in this event and will definitely volunteer at more Gowanus Canal Conservancy events in the future!

Sandy Mui
Brooklyn Tech High School Division 9

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