Room to Grow

Room to Grow is a nonprofit organization that helps babies born into low income families by porviding items such as clothing, books, baby strollers, and toys. Every three months from before the child is born until they reach three years old, the parents meet with a social worker and receive the essential items to help with the development of their child.
In the Room to Grow location in New York, the room is often filled with generous donations from families in the community as well as corporate companies such as Johnson&Johnson. Neatly organized shelves and racks are filled with clothing, toiletries, and toys, and the large storage area in the back holds other seasonal donations/extra items.
Our first volunteering experience at Room to Grow was on December 5, and we now have a group that helps out every available Friday. We Mainly help sort out different donations and arrange them in displays or organize them in storage. The first time I went, we mainly sorted out clothing for different age groups and sections. THe second time I went, I helped sort out toys and different toiletries. While the job may seem tedious or boring, it’s actually a really fun way to bond with other members of the club and get work done at the same time!

Kerry Wong
Member of Hunter College High School Key Club