Celebrating the Holidays with Our Newest Members

What do food, raffles, pictures, and smiling faces have in common? All were present at Bronx Science Key Club’s Annual Holiday Induction Banquet on December 29th 2015! Fifty members along with the five board officers came together to celebrate the holidays and enjoy a buffet style lunch while inducting new members of Key Club.

The Bronx High School of Science had held the Induction Banquet for two years, usually near the holidays. However, in years past, this event included just an induction ceremony and a lunch. As the President, I wanted to introduce more to the event, but I knew that planning the banquet along with my fellow officers would be no small task. But, I also knew that the result would be a fun, food-filled day making every moment of planning worth it.

Several board meetings, consisting of debates on possible venues, raffle prizes, scheduling, and other various ideas, were held to create the possible day for our members. In an effort to raise more money, we even decided to take further initiative by reaching out to various sponsors such as Chipotle and previous alumni. Not only were we able to inform more people about the Eliminate Project through this outreach, but we successfully raised more than $50 worth of raffle prize donations.

When the day of the ceremony finally came, my board members and my Fundraising committee arrived early at the venue to set up the photo booth, the raffle prizes, and the seating. After we finished setting up, everyone went to their assigned positions. Two people went to check members in as they arrived to the restaurant. Others directed the members to their seats so that the event could begin as soon as possible. When everyone had arrived and been seated, I officially called the Holiday Induction Banquet to order.

First, we introduced our special guests. There were many people from graduated recently from our school, such as Aaron Cheung, the immediate past Lieutenant Governor, and Sandy Jiang, the immediate past Fundraising Committee Head, and there also many people from other school, such as Kalvin Chi, the Division 11 Executive Assistant from Stuyvesant Key Club. Then, we allowed our members to go to the food section and gather everything that they wanted to eat. This enabled us to prepare for the next part of the Induction Banquet, which was the official induction of all the official members. When everyone had gotten their food, we began to call members up one by one in alphabetical order so that we can hand them their pins, member certificates, member pamphlets, and Key Club ID cards. Everyone was super excited for this part because they had been waiting for their pins and cards for a long time.

When this part was finished, we started free time, which basically allowed the members to use the photo booth to take pictures and to socialize with others, but also allowed us to start selling raffle tickets. They went for $1 for one ticket and $2 for three tickets. Some people bought many tickets simply to raise their chances of winning an amazing prize while others bought a few tickets. In the end, everyone knew that all the money would be donated to a good cause. When we announced that we were going to start announcing raffle winners, everyone became tense with excitement. To make the matters even worse, I told my board members to slowly read each number to create more suspense. While two people won the Chipotle gift cards and others won the Muji pens, everyone still had a great time.

Sadly, when all our activities were done, we had to adjourn the Induction Banquet. Before doing so, I was proud to announce that our club had raised $330 from this fundraiser to aid The Eliminate Project. Without the help of the lovely managers at the restaurant, the hard work of all my board members, and all the club members who attended the banquet, our club would not have been able to raise so much money.

Timmy Zhu,
President of Bronx Science Key Club