District Awards Committee

Hi New York District Key Club,

Each year during our Leadership Training Conference, we present the Distinguished Key Clubber Award to our most dedicated members, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, shown leadership throughout the service year, and promoted the core values of Key Club International. Members who have served their homes, schools and communities to the best of their abilities and consistently worked throughout the service year are eligible to receive this award. All members who would like to receive this award must fill out and complete to its entirety this application. Anyone who does not fulfill all the requirements are in a club with special circumstances may still submit the application.

Last year, The Awards Committee worked with the Immediate Past District Webmaster, Danny Qiu, to create a new method for electronic submissions. We are going to continue that method this service year. We made changes based off of the feedback you all gave us and from what we believe will make this application easier and flexible for more members to be able to apply and have the opportunity to receive this award. Please create an account here and follow the online instructions. We will continue to accept submissions via snail mail. For verification, please follow the online directions provided on the website, or have the appropriate persons sign the verification statement for snail mail submissions.

If any information provided in this application is inaccurate, dishonest, unverified, or warranted void, your application may be disqualified. Thank you for your service to your home, school and community.

We wish you the best of luck in your application and anticipate your submission.

Yours in Care and in Service,

District Webmaster Kevin Yin
District Awards Committee Co-Chair

Executive Assistant Kacie Luo
District Awards Committee Co-Chair

Lieutenant Governor Julianna Behr
District Awards Committee Member

Lieutenant Governor Silas Swanson
District Awards Committee Member

Lieutenant Governor James Erdman
District Awards Committee Member

Kiwanis Committee Representative Jason Steiner

  • Please download the District Awards Booklet here.
  • Download all District Award Files here.
  • Below is a powerpoint created for all fall rallies and interested members.