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We are excited to announce the 2016-2017 NYDKC District Project is Icing Smiles!! At Icing Smiles, their mission is to create special memories during a difficult time in a child’s life by providing unique custom celebration cakes to ill children and their siblings. The impact that a special cake can make is profound. It gives the family hope, a smile, a laugh, and for a few moments, an escape back into a world of normal childhood.


The New York District Key Club is excited to be working with this amazing organization that helps brings smiles to children just like us. We will be working with Daniel Corpuz, past Vice President for Susan E Wagner High School in Staten Island, NY as he takes over his role as Student Ambassador for Icing Smiles. Check out his press release along with a picture of the cake he made!

Before fundraising for Icing Smiles, contact Daniel Corpuz, student ambassador for Icing Smiles, so he can offer his support as well as any additional resources. Any donations collected should be sent to Mr. Goldstein’s address in a check made out to Icing Smiles. It is important that checks have the name of the club and/or Division Number in the memo slot of the check. Prior to sending the check, if possible, please send a picture of the check to Daniel Corpuz so he can monitor funds. If not don’t worry about it!! Together we will be “baking a difference”

Icing Smiles Merch Poster

Icing Smiles has offered some awesome merchandise for clubs to sell. Clubs interested in this fundraiser should fill out this form to receive a boxed set of merchandise with pens, patches, bags, and notebooks!

Stay informed with the Icing Smiles Student Emails by filling out this form!

Student Ambassador of Icing Smiles: Daniel Corpuz
Email: studentambassador@icingsmiles.org
Tel: 1(951)310-2420
Facebook: Daniel Joseph Corpuz
Instagram: @danielcorpuz
Click here for more information about Daniel Corpuz


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