Governor's Project

Every year, the district governor chooses a project in which he or she would like the district to support and keep in mind throughout the service year. Many service projects that the New York District undertake will be closely related to this project.

The Honeybee Conservancy



Bees play a major role in pollinating plants and are responsible for one in three foods we eat. Essentially, Honeybees help to get food on your plate! Many plants rely on bees to help with their pollination process, without them these plants have no way of pollinating. Without bees you lose dozens of fruits, vegetables, and seeds!



Unfortunately, the Honeybee population is rapidly decreasing. Because of this population decline, The Honeybee Conservancy aims to help repopulate the Honeybee species while in turn reducing hunger around the United States. With their Honeybee Sanctuaries placed all around the country, Honeybees can find a safe place to live, pollinate, and repopulate.



Through The Honeybee Conservancy’s website you can apply to their Sponsor-A-Hive program which strategically chooses who is best fit to adopt a hive. The sanctuaries include honey bee hives and solitary bee nesting sites. The hives are placed in local gardens, urban farms and green spaces where they can serve as a valuable environmental and educational resource.

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