Leadership Training Conference 2017



2017 Leadership Training Conference

March 31 – April 2, 2017
Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY

Join us as we celebrate another service year with outstanding keynote speakers, workshops, networking events, officer elections, and tons of social opportunities! Check out the conference website to learn more about the conference.

Key Club Member: $290 (four students per room)
Key Club Advisor/Chaperone $320 (two chaperones per room)
Key Club Advisor/Chaperone $640 (single room)


Registration Priority/ Guaranteed Deadline: February 27, 2017
Online Registration Deadline: March 10, 2017
Payment Deadline: March 17, 2017

Contact the NY Key Club Conference Staff at nydconference@gmail.com.

Please note, Key Clubs that are traveling to LTC via public transportation are responsible for their own transportation to/from the train station. The hotel and/or Key Club does not provide transportation.

Key Club does suggest Durham School Services for transportation rental.

Conference Staff

Conference Staff Registration

The Conference Staff works to ensure that all aspects of the New York District Key Club Leadership Training Conference occur as seamlessly as possible. Staff members will be responsible for assisting with making the Conference a fun-filled, successful and safe event for all participants. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: manning the security desk; checking workshop rooms to ensure all materials are present and working; assisting with hall patrols; and assisting in the smooth transition of participants between events. You must be able to arrive at The Desmond Hotel on Thursday, March 30, 2017.

Any Key Clubber not on the New York District Board, in good standing with Key Club International and the New York District, may apply to be a member of the Conference Staff.

In order to be a Conference Staff Member Member you MUST:

  • Complete the application online and have one (1) letter of recommendation.
  • Be able to be available during the entire conference to complete various tasks.
  • Reside in a room with other Conference Staff members.
  • Provide their own transportation from the conference
  • Conference Staff Members will get a discounted LTC Registration rate of $100.

In addition, transportation on Thursday will be arranged by the New York District Key Club; however, Conference Staff will return home with their clubs.

The 2017 Conference Staff Application will be available in November 2016.



Registration for Leadership Training Conference will begin in October 2016.

Registration Forms & Resources

Medical Release Form
Early Arrival Activities copy
W-9 Form
Key Club Delegate Registration Form



More information on Leadership Training Conference will be released in Fall 2016.


District Awards

The District Awards booklet will be released soon. A copy of the 2015-2016 District Awards
Booklet can be found below for your reference. Please use this booklet in planning out your
2016-2017 service year.

  • pdf NYDKC District Awards Booklet 2015-2016, Final
  • Elections

    Fundraisers and Service Project

    More information on Leadership Training Conference will be released in Fall 2016.


    Leadership Training Conference Registration
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How do I register an entire club?
    A. When registering online, you must register the advisor/chaperone first.
    After you register a participant, please click “Add Another Person” until all of your participants are entered. “Please make sure to choose the correct category for each registrant (ie: Key Club Member or Advisor). This will ensure that you are billed correctly. Please also register your students in gender order, this helps with rooming.

    Q. How much does the conference cost?
    A. The conference costs $280.00 per Key Club Member, and $300 per Key Club Advisor or Chaperone (single rooms available for $600). This includes all conference costs.

    Q. Is there a deadline for Registration?
    A. Yes. The preferred/guaranteed registration deadline is February 15, 2016. The final deadline for registration is March 1, 2016. All payment must be sent in immediately after completing the registration form.

    Q. Why is the price online $3.95 less than the advertised price?
    A. An administrative fee will be added on ($3.95 per person) to the total cost at the end of the registration form. All costs are as advertised.

    Q. Do I have to register online?
    A. Yes, all registration for the Leadership Training Conference must be completed online. The process is quick and easy!

    Q. Do I have to give my student’s individual email addresses?
    A. Yes, we do need all students’ individual information. This will only be used for distributing important information before the conference and to administer a survey after the conference is over.

    Q. How do I make changes to my registration?
    A. To make changes, you can log back onto the site and change information. When substituting attendees for other students, please only substitute a student for another student of the same gender.

    You can also email nydconference@gmail.com with any requested changes to your attendees or information. We will process the change and respond to you in a timely manner.

    Q. Will my students be roomed together at the conference?
    A. All students from the same club will be roomed in the same room and as close to one another as possible. The hotel will also place students near their listed faculty advisor/chaperone. If you wish to submit a rooming list, please email it to nydconference@gmail.com. Please also register your students in gender order, this helps with rooming.

    Q. When do I pay for the conference?

    A. Once you submit the online registration, you will receive a confirmation page. Please print this page out and mail it to the listed address along with payment. No registration or rooming will be confirmed until payment is received.

    Q. Are there other forms that are required?
    A. Yes, students must also bring copies of their Medical Release Form and Delegate Registration Form with them to the conference.

    Q. How does my club submit for awards?
    A. Those interested in being considered for awards should research available awards and criteria in the Awards Booklet, located on the LTC Website.

    Q. My school administration requires an invoice, how can we receive one?
    A. On your confirmation page, and in your confirmation email, you will see a link for “Invoice”. Contact nydconference@gmail.com if you have any problems finding this document. The LTC Website also has a W-9 if your school requires one for payment.

    Q. Who should I ask if I have other questions?
    A. All questions can be directed to nydconference@gmail.com. All questions will
    be answered in a timely manner.