District Officers

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a district officer? Learn more about the positions on our district’s board by reading the blurbs below.

District Governor
position held by Gavin Li

Every district in Key Club International is run by a governor. Each year, there are candidates that run for the position at each district’s respective district convention or as we call it, Leadership Training Conference. Each district governor is responsible for the overall operations of the district board. He or she facilitates all actions necessary for the betterment of the district, bringing into discussion with the board changes that he or she would like to make. He or she trains other district officers, appoints committees and assigns directives, builds and maintains relationships with other Kiwanis-family leadership programs and communicates his or her district’s needs and desires to the international board liaison – more commonly known as the trustee. The officer is elected at the district convention.

The district governor is also indirectly responsible for all club presidents and vice presidents.

District Secretary
position held by Natalie D’Onofrio

The district secretary is responsible for regular, formal communication within the district board, between the district and international boards and between the district and division or club levels. He or she keeps and reports all district minutes and maintains all records for the district. These records include but are not limited to district service and fundraising totals, the annual district directory, and club paperwork status. All these are important to each district’s functioning as these records serve to mark the changes and the progress within each district. The officer is elected at the district convention.

The district secretary is also indirectly responsible for all club secretaries.

District Treasurer
position held by Chevy Chen

The office of district treasurer is responsible for monitoring district finances, creating and filing all appropriate reports and coordinating dues collection. He or she also contributes to the district newsletter and supports club treasurers. He or she also monitors the payment of membership dues and communicates sufficiently to remind club members to submit them on time. The officer is elected at the district convention.

The district treasurer is also indirectly responsible for all club treasurers.

District Bulletin Editor
position held by Clara Lee

The district bulletin editor is responsible for coordinating, editing and distributing the district’s official publication: The Empire Key. This includes ensuring adherence to Key Club graphic standards and notifying contributors of deadlines and requirements. The district editor is responsible for keeping track of and encouraging members to submit service spotlight articles throughout the year. He or she must create quality and aesthetically pleasing publications to represent the district in the proper light and set an example for bulletin editors on the club level. That said, the district bulletin editor must be strong with technology, writing, creativity, and aesthetics. The position is appointed by the district governor shortly after the conclusion of the district convention.

The district bulletin editor is also indirectly responsible for all club bulletin editors.

District Webmaster
position held by Dante Gil-Marin

The New York District website runs under the District Webmaster’s supervision and attention. He or she must update the website regularly while also helping other club webmasters in building websites. It is important that this position is held by someone who has strong computer and HTML skills. The District Webmaster serves as the technological problem solver as well. The letter of intent for District Webmaster must show the applicant’s knowledge of Key Club International and the New York District and holds leadership skills to serve as the District Webmaster. The webmaster must also be extremely creative and strong in computer graphics and editing programs like Photoshop. The position is appointed by the district governor shortly after the conclusion of the district convention.

The district webmaster is also indirectly responsible for all club webmasters.

Executive Assistant
position held by Josephine Leung and Sherry Yu

The executive assistants in the New York District are responsible for keeping track of the work of lieutenant governors through the reviewing of biweekly updates. This year the New York District has two executive assistants, one that chairs the Laws and Regulations Committee and one that chairs the Conference Committee. The executive assistant must be responsible, organized, sociable, and easy to get in touch with and must be willing to help the district governor with tasks at all times. The position is appointed by the district governor shortly after the conclusion of the district convention.

Lieutenant Governor
position held by one person per division

Each lieutenant governor is responsible for supporting and growing the clubs within his or her division and serving as a liaison between the district and the club. Duties include publication of a newsletter, club officer training and support, holding divisional meetings and serving on one or more district committees. The lieutenant governor serves as a liaison for the club, division, and district levels. The position is either elected or appointed depending on the division. If you are interested, please consult your current lieutenant governor or your division’s Kiwanis Committee Representative.