Key Club Endorsements

Here are some endorsements of the Key Club International program from school officials, Kiwanians, dignitaries, and former Key Club members.


As a member of Key Club, you are part of a worldwide community of those who share their lives through service. 0n behalf of Kiwanians and the whole Kiwanis family of service around the world, I wish you another great year of Key Clubbing as you uphold the ideals of service and voluntarism in your schools and communities.

~ John D. Morton, 1991-92 Kiwanis International President

Many Americans are now discovering, for the first time, the joys of community service. Such service to one’s fellowman is not new, however, to members of Key Club. Throughout the history of these organizations, its members have carried on the time-honored American tradition of giving, thereby demonstrating their sense of civic responsibility and of concern for others. The experiences that your Key Club can provide will not only enrich your own lives but also help you to contribute more fully to the well being of your communities and of the nation.

~The Honorable George Bush, Past President, United States of America

I have been truly inspired by the number of messages that come in telling of voluntary efforts by our citizens to help others and to build a sense of community spirit and neighborliness. Our faith in the future should be strong when we see the foundations on which it is being built. I am deeply encouraged to learn of yet another example of this quiet heroism.

~The Honorable Ronald Reagan, Past President, United States of America

When you are involved in Key Club, you already have a commitment to its philosophy, a super appreciation for the young people who make up the organization, and a fulfillment from the part you have in the scheme of things.

~Robert F. Lucas, Assistant Executive Director, US National School Board Association

The National Association of Secondary School Principals believes that quality academic and student activity programs go hand-in-hand. Both are constructive and beneficial to youth. We encourage schools to develop the best possible academic programs for all students. At the same time, student activity programs should be strengthened to ensure that you have all the skills necessary to succeed in a complex future. Clearly, teaching academic knowledge and the skills learned through student activity programs are both essential to a strong America.

~Scott D. Thompson, Executive Director, US National Association of Secondary School Principals

Love in action is expressed in so many ways in the gifts and efforts directed to the Martin de Porres Center. We are more than ever grateful for the beautiful expressions of love and caring coming from our Key Club friends.

~Charles E. Johnson, Executive Director, Martin de Porres Center

Key Club stimulated me to public service and government. I remember and appreciate the give-and-take of human relations. The key goal of Key Club is service and helping others.

~The Honorable Bill Nelson, United States Senator, Past US House of Representatives, 1959-60 Key Club International President

The first key-operated lock was invented in ancient Egypt about 2000 BC. For nearly 4,000 years, keys have been opening locks. But the key in Key Club opens much more than locks; our Key opens hearts.

~Christopher Holder, 1990-91 Key Club International President