Fall Rally

Join us as we celebrate another service year with outstanding guest speakers, workshops, networking events, and tons of social opportunities at Fall Rally! 


Attend Fall Rally which hosts over 20 workshops dedicated for all of its members! We are including sessions which will guide you in experiences such as carrying out your officer duties, running clubs, and some fun games like making dog toys! 

Keynote Speaker

Ready to be inspired by experienced speakers who will help guide you in your path of leadership? Fall Rally is the perfect place for that! Find out your division’s fall Rally dates to join us in building leadership, inclusiveness, caring, and character building.


Your local Fall Rally is covering your meals for the time you are attending! You have the chance to join your friends while feastinng and even make new ones !

What is Fall Rally?

Fall Rally is a fundamental part of the Key Club experience! Fall rallies are usually held within the first few months of school starting and are vital in training new officers in their positions. Lieutenant governors from various divisions along with the executive board members will work together in order to run their rallies.


Check out our past Fall Rallies!

This year’s Fall Rally groups:


Division 1-7
LTGs: Bianca Bossey, Sarah Varghese, Julia Segal, Christiana Claus, Jessica Koo, Katie Ferrugia, David DeRienzo, Max Coppola

Division 8-13
LTGs: AJ Zheng, Kiara Pollanco, Jaden Thomas, Mariam Makar, Kiln Chen, Bryan Guerrero, Holden Lee

Division 14-18
LTGs: Maddie Breen, Jenna Vinoya, Colin Bolebroch, Hannah Williams

Division 19 and 21
LTGs: Zoe Van Savage, Jordan Jackowski

Division 20 and 22
LTGs: Margaret Ryan, Jaylene Noviello

Division 23 and 25-27
LTGs: Tatiana Solodova, Avery Blank, Kohl Ambuske

Division 24 (Canada)
LTG: Hailey Weber
EA: (Jaron Belmore)

Dates and Locations coming soon…




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