Please enjoy recordings of our workshops, presented by our very own district board!

Key Club Member Workshops

Balancing School, Family, and Key Club

Presented by Julia Segal, Division 3 LTG

Key Club for Introverts

Presented by Katie Ferrugia, Division 5 LTG

Running for Higher Office

Presented by Camille Brock, District Governor

Key Club Officer Workshops

Presidents / Vice-Presidents Training

Presented by Jenna Vinoya, Division 16 LTG

Secretary Training

Presented by Linna Cheung, Division 11 LTG

Treasurer Training

Presented by Maddie Breen, Division 15 LTG

Bulletin Editor Training

Presented by Angelo Lontok, District Bulletin Editor

Webmaster Training

Presented by Ramisa Azad, District Webmaster