Fall Rally

What’s the next big event? That’s right, Fall Rally! This page will be updated with new information as we near Fall Rally dates.

A Warm Welcome to Anastasia Slepukhova, our new Trustee to New York!

In addition to our New York district, IT Anastasia Slepukhova will also be serving the Alabama and CNH KIWIN’S districts. She plans to start a Sister District Pen Pal System to allow us and our sister districts to become better acquainted. Recently, she, Governor Hanna, Governor Jade Wong (CNH KIWIN’S), and Governor Jacob Dennis (Alabama) participated in the ELEMONATE Challenge. Watch the challenge above!

Congratulations to our newly elected Trustees from New York!

International Trustees
During this year’s International Convention, both of our New York candidates, Clifford Young (IP Lieutenant Governor) and Heather Farley (IP District Secretary) were elected successfully for International Trustees! Congratulations to both officers, and we believe they will become huge additions to the Key Club International Board!

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