Forms and Guides

Monthly Report Form


This is the official NYDKC Monthly Report Form (MRF) for the 2021-2022 service year. Secretaries fill out the monthly report form before the 10th of every month to make sure our district work smoothly.

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Election Report Form


The deadline for the ERF is September 30th, 2021 but please fill it out as soon as your club has elected officers for the 2021-2022 service year.

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Secretary's Guide

Download a version of Jack’s guide on being a great club secretary for the 2021-2022 service year.
Jack Lehman

Jack Lehman

District Secretary

Fundraising Report Form


This is the official NYDKC Fundraising Report Form (FRF) for the 2021-2022 service year. Use this form every time your club hosts a fundraiser for a charity.

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Guide to FRF

Download a PDF version of Siddhaarta’s guide to filling out the 2021-2022 fundraising report form.

Treasurer's Guide

Personalized guide for Club Treasurers to create a successful 2021-2022 service year

Treasurer of the Month

Nominate a Club Treasurer who goes out and beyond. The nominator is a key clubber in good standing or the club advisor
Siddhaarta Venkatesh

Siddhaarta Venkatesh

District Treasurer

Articles Submission

The Empire Key by Jerry Chen

Host events and send in articles/pictures/screenshots to let the rest of the New York District know what your Key Club has been up to. Articles are typically paragraph long descriptions of a certain event and highlight an individual’s personal experience at that event. Virtual events are still events and members can still write about them!

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The Empire Key

Submit your articles here for a chance to be featured on the New York DIstrict’s newsletter.

Editor's Choice Award

Submit articles with good quality photos to get the chance of receiving the Editor’s Choice Award!
Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen

District Bulletin Editor