Awards and Contests

The New York District Awards Committee will soon be accepting applications for 2019-2020 District Awards. Awards are a great way to celebrate your outstanding Key Club service and bring recognition to the wonderful work you do for the community. An awards booklet will be released where you can find more information and requirements for each award. Deadlines for each award can also be found in the booklet.

All awards will be announced at the Leadership Training Conference!


Award categories

  • Distinguished Key Clubber Award
  • Outstanding Club Member Award
  • Outstanding Club Officer Awards
  • Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award
  • Distinguished Kiwanis Advisor Award
  • Outstanding Governor’s Project Award
  • Advocacy Award
  • Interclub Award
  • Kiwanis Family Relations Award
  • Club Digital Poster Contest
  • Club Video Contest
  • Club T-Shirt Contest
  • Governor’s Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship

Contest categories

  • Video Contest
  • Major Emphasis Award
  • Non-Digital Digital Poster Contest
  • Year-in-Review (Scrapbook)
  • Annual Achievement Report
  • Annual Achievement Report

General Rules

  • In order to apply for any and all awards, all applicant members and applicant clubs must be in good standing with New York District Key Club and Key Club International.
  • The New York District of Key Club International reserves the right to retain all entries and not return them to their respective applicants.
  • The New York District Administrator, Governor, or Awards Committee may disqualify any and all applicants for cheating, providing misleading/insufficient details or for any other reason.


Q: Are the Distinguished Key Clubber Award and Outstanding/Distinguished Key Club Member Award the same thing?

A: No. The Distinguished Key Clubber Award is noncompetitive, and all qualified applicants will get it. Recipients of the Distinguished Key Clubber Award will receive a pin. All Key Clubbers in good standing may apply for this award. The Outstanding/Distinguished Key Club Member Award is a competitive award. Only one member from each class grade will receive the award. Recipients of the Outstanding Award will receive a plaque. Only Key Clubbers who are not elected club, district, or international officers may apply.

Q: Who selects the recipient of each award?

A: The majority of award recipients are chosen by our District Administrator, John Goldstein, and other Kiwanians. Distinguished Key Clubber recipients are chosen by the designated District Awards Committee Co-Chairs. Contest winners are decided by the contest judges, who are usually appointed by the Contest Committee Chair of the Leadership Training Conference.

Q: I am an appointed club director/division officer. Can I still apply for the Distinguished Key Club Member Award?

A: Yes. All members in good standing who are not elected club, district, or international officers are eligible for Distinguished Key Club Member Award.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the Distinguished Key Clubber Application?

A: You may find a copy of the Distinguished Key Clubber application on the district online awards portal,

Q: I do not meet the minimum requirements of an award because of special circumstances, such as not having a Lieutenant Governor or not having a sponsoring Kiwanis Club. May I still apply for the award?

A: Yes, you may still apply for the award. However, you should contact one of the District Awards Committee Co-Chairs for instructions on how to indicate that you were unable to meet a certain criteria due to special circumstances.

More information on the 2020-2021 Awards and Contests will be released soon. For now, refer to a past Awards Booklet:




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