Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.

The District Project was chosen based on the top three district project finalists, and was voted by key clubbers of New York. ALSF, being the most voted, is the official District Project for the 2021-2022 service year. 

About ALSF🍋

Curing All Childhood Cancers

Founder Alex Scott taught them the important life lesson of “turning lemons into lemonade.” Her example of making something positive from something negative, having hope for the future, and enjoying each day is the spirit of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

The ALSF grant program is helping researchers throughout the country move closer to the day when a cure is a reality…” DR. DAVID POPLACK

    Shortly before her first birthday, Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer.

    When she was just four-years-old, Alex held her first childhood cancer fundraiser in her front yard and raised over $2,000. 

    By the time of her death in 2004, Alex raised $1 million and inspired a legacy of hope and cures for childhood cancer. 

    Check out Liz Scott’s Speech

    ALSF was our guest speaker at the District Fall Rally, featuring Liz Scott for members to learn more about the organization and how they started. 

    Jay Scott

    Co-Executive Director

    Liz Scott

    Co-Executive Director

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