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General Rules 

  • In order to apply for any and all awards, all applicant members and applicant clubs must be in good standing with New York District Key Club and Key Club International.
  • The New York District of Key Club International reserves the right to retain all entries and not return them to their respective applicants.
  • The New York District Administrator, Governor, or Awards Committee may disqualify any and all applicants for cheating, providing misleading/insufficient details or for any other reason.

Awards Booklet 2020-2021

Find deadlines and more details on the
different types of awards we offer!

The portal for online awards submissions can be found here.

Club Awards
  • Distinguished Club Award
    • Annual Club Achievement Report Form
  • Novice Club Award
  • Single Service Award
  • Major Emphasis Program Award
  • Outstanding Governor’s Project Award
  • Kiwanis Family Relations Award
  • Advocacy Award
  • Interclub Award
  • Public Relations Award
  • Traditional Scrapbook Contest
  • Digital Scrapbook Contest (NEW)
  • Non-Digital Poster Contest
  • Digital Poster Contest
  • Club Video Contest
  • Club T-Shirt Contest
  • Talent Contest
  • Oratorical Contest
Individual Awards
  • Distinguished Key Clubber Award
  • Distinguished Key Club Member Award (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  • Oustanding Key Club President Award
  • Oustanding Key Club Vice President Award
  • Oustanding Key Club Secretary Award
  • Oustanding Key Club Treasurer Award
  • Oustanding Key Club Bulletin Editor Award
  • Oustanding Key Club Webmaster Award
  • Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award
  • Distinguished Kiwanis Advisor Award
  • Doug Madenberg Award for Excellence
  • Governor’s Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship
  • New York District Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship
  • Local Kiwanis Club Scholarships
Automatic Entry Awards
  • Achieved Increased Membership Award
  • Membership Retention Award
  • Excellence in Fundraising Awards
  • District Project Fundraising Awards
  • Service Hours per Member Award
  • Completed Paperwork Recognition
  • Perfect Paperwork Award
  • Early Bird Dues Recognition
International Recognition
  • ELIMINATE Project Recognition
  • SandyNininger Medal
  • G. Harold Martin Fellowship
  • A.G. Terry Shaffer Honorary