On Saturday July 27th, Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant held a joint fundraiser at Governor’s Island. Attendees were given the three options: BBQ only at the Park for $8, attractions at the Adventures site for $14, or both for $20. At the BBQ, we took turns serving the various types of snacks and beverages and cooking the meat. There was some time after brownies, burgers, and ice tea lemonades so many of us spent it chatting away or playing games with our friends. When we moved on to the Adventures site, it started to drizzle but that did not stop any of us from running through the outdoor maze, trying to complete the task in record time. Then, we moved onto–personally my favorite activity of the day–rock climbing. The course was separated into three different walls with different levels of difficulty. Even though many of us were not able to reach the top, it was definitely an enjoyable experience. With this successful fundraiser that reeled in $879, we were able to exceed this year’s fundraising goal of $10,000! Our new goal has increased to $15,000 and there is no doubt that we will soon accomplish that as well. All proceeds went towards the International Project Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, a non-profit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children’s health issues.

Author- Rachel Joh