On Wednesday, June 19th, Stuyvesant Key Club held our annual Dave and Buster’s fundraiser. At the fundraiser, we sold Power Cards of $15 and $25 to our attendees and inside each power cards are chips that can be used to play the various games offered by Dave and Buster’s. There are games that require zero effort, such as Big Bass Wheel where you just spin the wheel and can get any ticket amount ranging from 4 tickets to 1,000 tickets. There are also lots of intense action­ packed games like the Speed of Light where two players race to press all the lit ­up circles before time runs out. Many people chose to try out a bunch of machines and games while others just stuck to their favorite one (I am very guilty of this). Some tried their luck
at the claw toy machines, going home with a bag full of stuffed animals and squishies while others are addicted to collecting tokens and cards in exchange for lots of tickets. Playing each game, with the exception of the claw toy ones, allow attendees to earn tickets that they can use to redeem for prizes at the Winner’s Circle. Everyone went home with lots of goodies, from fluffy
llamas and the iconic Pikachu plushy to expensive slushy making machines and Bluetooth speakers. We were able to raise a whopping total of $3,722 for our Governor’s Project, the New York Chapter of Special Olympics, a sports organization that helps to provide training and also competitions for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Author- Jason Xiong