June 6th wasn’t your average afternoon in the Bethpage high school gymnasium. Numerous teams met together in the
bleachers waiting for their team to be called. And as the clock hit 3:00, a three count and a whistle signalled the start of the 4th
annual Dodge for a Cure Fundraiser.

Over the past 4 years, this competition has pitted students against each other with a single purpose—raise money for the Winthrop Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. Bethpage’s Student Civic Key Club has done an exemplary job of branching out to kids of all ages school-wide, with the event annually proving to be one of the most successful fundraisers each year. With a total of $5,000 donated since the fundraiser first took form, the Key Club hopes to continue the event for years to come.

Daniel Fazio, a teacher at Bethpage High School who runs the Key Club, gave his thoughts about the event: “I think this tournament is so great because it is a reflection of what happens here at Bethpage. We get students from all grades together to have fun and raise money for a tremendous cause. I’m really proud of all our participants and our Student Civic Key Club Members who made the day so special.”

With no sign of stopping, the tournament continues to grow more and more each year. This year alone, the club will be donating $1500 to Winthrop. “I think we can grow even more. People like it. It’s something fun. It’s something new. And it’s a great way to get the community all together” said current Key Club Member Bryan Hanley. “I’m excited to see how big we can make it next year.”

The Key Club hopes to branch out to more fundraisers in the upcoming year, optimistic that the community will drive fundraising success just as it has with the dodgeball tournament. Whether big or small, community-wide events like this not only build community spirit, but save lives in the process.

Author- David Derienzo