One of the best parts of being a Lieutenant Governor is having the opportunity to attend events that bring members of Key Club, Circle K, and Kiwanis together. On June 18th, Suffolk East and West Kiwanis and the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center hosted an event at Stonybrook University Children’s Hospital that did just that. Attendees learned about three different programs run by the center-one on distracted driving, one on hosting Teddy Bear Clinics, and one on handling bleeding in urgent situations. During the event, informational clips were shown about distracted driving and the importance of bleeding control. Attendees were also able to learn about what a real Teddy Bear Clinic would be like. Volunteers educated their audience on the importance of using a helmet by dropping two eggs, one with a helmet and one without, as would be done in the real program for children. Those who answered questions throughout the presentation also had the opportunity to get T-Shirts with reminders about the importance of not driving while distracted. In addition to a brief introduction to the three programs, guests were able to see the beautiful new Children’s Hospital Lobby and even had the opportunity to pack a fake wound and tie a tourniquet, a key part of the bleeding control training. After the event was over, all attendees were given information about the programs and contact information so that they could host similar events in their own communities through their local Key Club, Circle K, or Kiwanis Organizations. This event truly epitomized the importance of maintaining strong K-Family Relations and offered valuable information to everyone who attended.