Walk for Kids’ Growth was one of my favorite events this year. It was on Saturday, April 6th and the weather was extremely nice. The confirmation email sent a couple days ahead said that the location was Flushing Meadows Park, in front of the Fountain of Planets. I do not live anywhere near the park, but I distinctly remember there being a giant globe fountain in the park and I thought “Hey, that must be the place.” I couldn’t be more wrong. After getting to what I thought was the right area, I saw that there was no one there, and I panicked. I ended up begging my friend to share his location with me so that I could walk to the right place. I was half a mile off, and the whole way, all I thought was “I suck at directions.” The event itself was so much fun. The site was really big with tents and tables and chairs, and there was a lot of people. At the beginning, we got snacks and drinks to start the day. We participated in the walk and marched through the route holding signs and cheering everyone on. Afterwards, the event coordinators brought out subway sandwiches for everyone! We also had a big musical showcase where a singer and her daughter went on the stage and performed for everyone. People were shy at first, but then some did join in. At the end of the event, we helped to break down tables and chairs, and helped to load them away. I think that the best part about this day, was that there were so many other schools there such as LaGuardia, Bronx Science, Cardozo, Bayside and more! I got to see my friends from other schools, and it was just a great day.

Author-Pamela Yang