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Dodge for a Cure Fundraiser

June 6th wasn’t your average afternoon in the Bethpage high school gymnasium. Numerous teams met together in the
bleachers waiting for their team to be called. And as the clock hit 3:00, a three count and a whistle signalled the start of the 4th
annual Dodge for a Cure Fundraiser.

Over the past 4 years, this competition has pitted students against each other with a single purpose—raise money for the Winthrop Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. Bethpage’s Student Civic Key Club has done an exemplary job of branching out to kids of all ages school-wide, with the event annually proving to be one of the most successful fundraisers each year. With a total of $5,000 donated since the fundraiser first took form, the Key Club hopes to continue the event for years to come.

Daniel Fazio, a teacher at Bethpage High School who runs the Key Club, gave his thoughts about the event: “I think this tournament is so great because it is a reflection of what happens here at Bethpage. We get students from all grades together to have fun and raise money for a tremendous cause. I’m really proud of all our participants and our Student Civic Key Club Members who made the day so special.”

With no sign of stopping, the tournament continues to grow more and more each year. This year alone, the club will be donating $1500 to Winthrop. “I think we can grow even more. People like it. It’s something fun. It’s something new. And it’s a great way to get the community all together” said current Key Club Member Bryan Hanley. “I’m excited to see how big we can make it next year.”

The Key Club hopes to branch out to more fundraisers in the upcoming year, optimistic that the community will drive fundraising success just as it has with the dodgeball tournament. Whether big or small, community-wide events like this not only build community spirit, but save lives in the process.

Author- David Derienzo

General Brown’s Carwash

In late May about 10 people in General Brown’s Key Club held a car wash from 1-4pm to raise money for our account so we have more funds to get nicer materials for future service projects, that may be a little more pricey. Members that helped out are:
Madison Curry, Conner Shuler-Hopper, Emma Gilligan, Caden Crosby, and Jenna McIntosh. In addition, we will take some of the
$280 and donate after our club votes on a place. General Brown’s Key Club secretary Conner says, “ It was really fun to have
everyone helping out and washing cars… we all had our jobs that we would have to do which made the work go more quickly and
fun making it a little contest.” Everyone one in GB’s Key Club ended up having a lot of fun, we all are really excited to see
where the money gets donated to help a lot of people.

Author- Madison Curry 

Dave and Buster’s Fundraiser

On Wednesday, June 19th, Stuyvesant Key Club held our annual Dave and Buster’s fundraiser. At the fundraiser, we sold Power Cards of $15 and $25 to our attendees and inside each power cards are chips that can be used to play the various games offered by Dave and Buster’s. There are games that require zero effort, such as Big Bass Wheel where you just spin the wheel and can get any ticket amount ranging from 4 tickets to 1,000 tickets. There are also lots of intense action­ packed games like the Speed of Light where two players race to press all the lit ­up circles before time runs out. Many people chose to try out a bunch of machines and games while others just stuck to their favorite one (I am very guilty of this). Some tried their luck
at the claw toy machines, going home with a bag full of stuffed animals and squishies while others are addicted to collecting tokens and cards in exchange for lots of tickets. Playing each game, with the exception of the claw toy ones, allow attendees to earn tickets that they can use to redeem for prizes at the Winner’s Circle. Everyone went home with lots of goodies, from fluffy
llamas and the iconic Pikachu plushy to expensive slushy making machines and Bluetooth speakers. We were able to raise a whopping total of $3,722 for our Governor’s Project, the New York Chapter of Special Olympics, a sports organization that helps to provide training and also competitions for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Author- Jason Xiong

The Walk for Kids’ Growth

Walk for Kids’ Growth was one of my favorite events this year. It was on Saturday, April 6th and the weather was extremely nice. The confirmation email sent a couple days ahead said that the location was Flushing Meadows Park, in front of the Fountain of Planets. I do not live anywhere near the park, but I distinctly remember there being a giant globe fountain in the park and I thought “Hey, that must be the place.” I couldn’t be more wrong. After getting to what I thought was the right area, I saw that there was no one there, and I panicked. I ended up begging my friend to share his location with me so that I could walk to the right place. I was half a mile off, and the whole way, all I thought was “I suck at directions.” The event itself was so much fun. The site was really big with tents and tables and chairs, and there was a lot of people. At the beginning, we got snacks and drinks to start the day. We participated in the walk and marched through the route holding signs and cheering everyone on. Afterwards, the event coordinators brought out subway sandwiches for everyone! We also had a big musical showcase where a singer and her daughter went on the stage and performed for everyone. People were shy at first, but then some did join in. At the end of the event, we helped to break down tables and chairs, and helped to load them away. I think that the best part about this day, was that there were so many other schools there such as LaGuardia, Bronx Science, Cardozo, Bayside and more! I got to see my friends from other schools, and it was just a great day.

Author-Pamela Yang

Stonybrook University Children’s Hospital Event

One of the best parts of being a Lieutenant Governor is having the opportunity to attend events that bring members of Key Club, Circle K, and Kiwanis together. On June 18th, Suffolk East and West Kiwanis and the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center hosted an event at Stonybrook University Children’s Hospital that did just that. Attendees learned about three different programs run by the center-one on distracted driving, one on hosting Teddy Bear Clinics, and one on handling bleeding in urgent situations. During the event, informational clips were shown about distracted driving and the importance of bleeding control. Attendees were also able to learn about what a real Teddy Bear Clinic would be like. Volunteers educated their audience on the importance of using a helmet by dropping two eggs, one with a helmet and one without, as would be done in the real program for children. Those who answered questions throughout the presentation also had the opportunity to get T-Shirts with reminders about the importance of not driving while distracted. In addition to a brief introduction to the three programs, guests were able to see the beautiful new Children’s Hospital Lobby and even had the opportunity to pack a fake wound and tie a tourniquet, a key part of the bleeding control training. After the event was over, all attendees were given information about the programs and contact information so that they could host similar events in their own communities through their local Key Club, Circle K, or Kiwanis Organizations. This event truly epitomized the importance of maintaining strong K-Family Relations and offered valuable information to everyone who attended. 

North Shore Key Club Has A Heart For Seniors

The Annual senior citizen prom took place at North Shore High school on May 19th.  This event follows the Junior prom that takes place the night before.  The host and hostesses for the afternoon were the key club and Builders Club members  and lots of fun was had by all who attended this wonderful event. A DJ provided the music, Raffle prizes were provided by community  businesses and a special thank you to the Fashion Class at North Shore who annually donate their time to create sling bags for all female guests.  Last but not least was the crowning of the King & Queen and the end to a wonderful afternoon full of smiles.




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